young, fresh

The beginning of the year is always exciting & fresh , where people make resolutions they can't keep and we try new things once a lifetime (sort of ). We took a special trip just to come here one evening from afar for its fame is well known. The name says it all as we approach the square stately building , as tho approaching an airport terminal.

The clean place was a welcomed change and the cool air comforting. The place was near empty...maybe we were early or was it the intimidating exterior and that yellowish  royal name.

First she recommended the Chinese New Year is Coming to Town theme appetizer,
of the misplaced raw salmon fish delicacy with strips of this and that plus sugar & oil
where you are supposed to use your black chopsticks to grip and stir / turn as inside a white wok

then the why we are here babe burnt to pErfectionate baby dish, with some tiny white bread
that immortal cutie stripped off its burnt skin
laid flat crispy crunchy but very fatty nevertheless
was it good ? was it wo :D rth it ?

well, its worth it if this is your first time
and your wallet is full

Royal China Restaurant (Ipoh) 
No.8, Ground Floor, Coliseum Square,
Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah,
30250 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan

+605-241 3088


J said…
Haha... So cute! But why is the cartoon pig looking so happy?
sc said…
nice looking piece of skin *drools*
Ciki said…
wah! lohsang oredi ler.. so fast! happy CNY .. hope u gamble win lots of monies:D
Anonymous said…
How's the food? Is it better than Pusing Public, Haiweytian and Kok Thai? I am trying to decide where to go for new year gathering meals. Of course Royal China costs more but if the food is good and better ambience, I don't mind.
foodbin said…
very pricey for the burnt piggy from Vietnam.
she's so happy to see us here !

it doesn't tastes so superb tho

we will place all our money on you
come tiger(ress)

anon January 15, 2010 2:23 PM
Its hard to say, but Royal China is from the Tai Thong Group and premium class as we have experienced with impeccable service, so your value shud be secured , if you are into high end Chinese cuisine

yeah , we heard the piggies costs RM20-30 landed price