when 4 Gluttons meet, Penang

We drank ate shared laughed and promised to meet again soon :)

One bsg's first taste of refreshing chilled nutmeg juice, a cross between lychee and limau ice
with something new-4-us in Penang beef kuey teow and the famed crispy oyster eggs

Thanks cklam , till we meet again :D


ck lam said…
Great meeting up with you guys.
Glad you like the noodles and the nutmeg juice.

Looking forward to try out Ooi's cooking...haha.
minchow said…
I can only think of one word when gluttons gather in Penang... CHIAK!! Where be this nutmeg juice, pray tell?
great, see you then

we missed you, and the place also we dunno where but will find out soon