a teacher's guide to good food

Tourism Malaysia ( or something like that ) has always tried to promote Malaysian food overseas and this one ( Nasi Lemak-fat rice ) comes up top of the list. It is available widely all over the place , from across the sidelanes near the muddy rivers beside the shacks to posh hotels in da City or resorts on da X-6 Star beaches.

Top Malaysian food bloggers rave & rant about their divine uplifters to perfection  behind their Grandmother's house ( what do ya expect )  ... along Kg Baru KL , off Chan Sow Lin KL and/or the ones below the bridge / collapsed buildings & inside Sunway Pyramid 3.

So is it that really good ? For one it doesn't lookee exactly fresh nor salivatingly exciting. From a distance it looks terrible , what with the familiar all-2-familiar brownish stains beside the whitish grains. And then the smell ( or issiit da stench ? )

Then you gotta try it to see

We told ya so , it looks no good , not divine
...as many would say

and this particular one  is priced RM6 something with
a chicken leg deep fried & chopped into several pieces
 some over-fried  nuts and a few under-fried ikan bilis

From the good olde teacher in Kelana Jaya.
He makes it as good as they come. At least it looks authentic
not fabulous nor spellbinding

restoran nasi lemak cikgu
14 Jalan SS5B/2, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya


Precious Pea said…
Away from Malaysia, nasi lemak is what I miss da most!
Rebecca Saw said…
NL would alws be my choice for Msian food ;)
But I don't really think tis one is good, nor tanglin nor Kg Baru.
tigerfish said…
I thought cikgu is a kind of fruit? :O Anyway, I don't know what that means....
J2Kfm said…
CIKU is a kind of fruit, tigerfish.
Cikgu is teacher. still remember this being one of the most hyped about places back then.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Lets go for good nasi lemak elsewhere! =)
J said…
Used to eat here a lot because its next to my primary school. Man, this brings back memories.... :)
minchow said…
Happy New Year, Team BSG!! Oh guess what, I haven't had my first Nasi Lemak for 2010! I need to make it a really a good one! The question therefore, is WHERE?
NyonyaChef said…
Hey Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Let's check out the all time favorite in SS2 BHP station
must be the wonderful home smell !

best ones are behind

school teacher , those days

now stds dropped a lot

yes Darlin' !

hired hands are ruining it

we shall show you

but they a quite messy , and the stains fly