big prawns, long noodles & tall men

We wanted to enjoy :) the kopitiam's specialties, having heard da chef came from pricey Restoran Green View ( Rothman's Roundabout , PJ ) .

bsgX and his office colleagues come here for lunch often & know the "kow low" well.

He recalls his passionate moments :D here 1dinner time with an unforgetable lady partner not too long ago, right here amongst the palmless (no springs) ambience.

Last Saturday afternoon team bsg descended without fanfare and requested something exciting & rising to da challenge, Chef Tan displayed some impromptu n immaculate creations of the half-head fresh water prawns and longevity strands

1.claypot curry big head fresh water prawns (udang galah ) with noodles
a great spicy taste like your upmarket kally mee

2. from the life changing bsgX recipe
sang har meen in ( fuzhou ) hung chou (red rice wine )
glorious red and a lips teaser extraordinaire

3. the classic sang har yee mee
prawns and delicate crispy noodles in secret eggy sauce
a popular choice & crowd puller

a hapyli satisfied bsgX (left ) leaving for drinks in
the boathouse ( ttdi,Kuala Lumpur )

palm spring ( kopitiam )
lot B-G11 , Block B
Jln Persiaran Surian
palm spring@damansara
Petaling Jaya
012-313 3626
016-282 2392


J said…
Ah! You are faster than me....
(I went there with BsgX for dinner and I still haven't posted up on this restaurant yet)
J2Kfm said…
oh I've tried Green View, their food also not bad.
They were offering roasted suckling pig back then.
Ciki said…
both styles also i like.. but the red one looks OUTSTANDING!
tummythoz said…
Green View better or Palm Spring? Taste? Price?
We wait patiently for your turn !

they have been famous for a long time

surely would be nice to share with you , soon

its similar in taste/presentation since it was/is the same cook ( brothers 2 )tho price is slightly easier being new in palm spring
Unknown said…
the claypot curry looks tempting to me!
those are superb designer offerings !
ck lam said…
Would love to taste every one of the dish...looks yummy. Thanks for introducing this place.
you are most welcome