the Real Penang

We wanted to know whether the new Pakatan led Government in Penang has made a difference. More specifically, if the exquisite fighting fit Aunties & hunky goggled men are still woking their noisy stuff.

Or have they ( horror of horrors ! ) been outchopped,sliced,boiled & out-fried by those swift alien beings flanking in all directions.

This time, armed with cutting-lips intelligence from street-smart local guides we landed onto uncharted waters.

We miss our earlier CKT experience at the New Lane ( left pix, off Jln Macalister ) as a satisfaction B+ , and expected more this time.

Without taking unnecessary risks, we were led into Lorong Selamat ( safe lane , above) where it has been said the best of everything is ( or was ) waiting. From brown eggs to bloody curry mee , dark laksa and light beers. While good & filled with bean sprouts and those prawns and the splitting CKT aroma , the touristy hyped Char Kuey Teow failed to meet our high expectations :(

Suddenly it struck us that our initial encounter with The Slow Sisters CKT some years ago ( Macalister Road, above ) wasn't so bad after all & we could still vividly recall :) that d Ladies Xtra-L o n g  Symphony was  more exciting than the over-Safe Lane snorkeling team.

and finally we dipped into Jalan Dato Keramat to meet Ah Leng ( above )
( many thanks to an early morning tip from our friendly Penang fellow Gluttons cklam & Partner)
who some people say fries the best CKT in da world

probably ...( who knows )
as the 1 mantis prawn flavored CKT RM9
with the ( 2-die-4 ) bouncing 5 prawns topping
was a Winner inside out.:D

famous Ah Leng CKT
junction of Jalan Dunlop -Jalan Dato Keramat
Authentic PenaNg
unmatched & smelling strong


TC said…
I believe you are at the wrong stall in Lorong Selamat. The famous CKT stall in Lorong Selamat should be the lady who wear yellow safety glass and use charcoal to fried the CKT.
I would vote CKT from Lorong Selamat (The lady) and then Ah Leng CKT. Sister's CKT recently their quality drop dramatically compare to those year.
Rebecca Saw said…
well... i wont go for Lrg Selamat or Sis or even Ah Leng.
minchow said…
Read the team's msg on blog too late, so sorry didn't get to meet up! I think there's a whole new order to ultimate CKT in Pg. Frankly I stay far away fr Lrg Selamat's. Need to do serious recce to figure out the new champs though.
tks for your tips, yeah we might have gotten the wrong one as we ordered from the nearest one, but we shall make sure the next round ! and TQ for your personal choices of best CKT for our information

we know what you mean. exactly

our fault for living mssg in dark corners ( which was exactly where bsgY posted it), so the next time there shall be NO mistakes ! ckt isn't our top fav here in Pg , its the assam laksa !