mother's assam laksa

When there is an authentic looking lady of the house attending to you , it can only mean good. Especially if she's one's Mother... 40 50ish with the aprony feel

This place has been around for a while in the Big Shopping Mall , before there was 1Utama 2.

and way before there was the ( horrendous ) Laksa Shack next door.

then with a name like that , must be something hot

it has survived the great onslaught of the multiple pretenders and hanging on , at the same corner beyond the Jaya Jusco store

indeed its hot , and sour plus damn smelly like a dead fish. But thats what it is , a fishy/prawny fiery dish and an all time women's favourite ( dun ask us why).

This one got 6.9 stars out of 10, so its safe

1 Utama ( old wing )
Petaling Jaya


NyonyaChef said…
I was just there two days ago,...not too bad