mobile n rich

now in Telawi Bangsar Kuala Lumpur , after the Roof collapsed and the Castle was ruined inside out.

It pays to be flushed with money and well connected with da Malaysian Delights starting with 1Kita nasi lemak and then passing the halfway mark with otak otak ( brain-brain ).

continuing the long story with the flamboyant stir fried flat noodles minus the damn animal fats.

nowsdays you can just scribble on the paper with the order in alpha numbers eg say C7 , qty 2 or whatever then press the remote bell on da table and the well groomed Burmese ( right ? ) will come to take your order. Neat ! :D

many younggy people are here , no doubt lured by a great sense of wealth and the comfort of Dear Papa. Beer Photobucket is conspicuously missing this time so maybe that is the secret mis-recipe

a bountiful looking char kuey teow ( Chinese stir fried noodles )
with the right Penang essence
...mighty close to the Island one but not close enough ( for sure )

nearly the best Malaysian Cafe 2009


NyonyaChef said…
Is the food damn good ?
J said…
Erm. The CKT there is nice? O_o
Ciki said…
fwar.. nice shot of the char kwey teow.. i can almost smell the wok hei!
on a scale of 10 they are above 6

we give the ckt a 6.5

the place is bursting with young energy , and so da smell is sweet