milk & curry

Its not often we drink fresh cow's milk on the roadside, served in a glass without sugar, nor errr ... milk.

With curry kambing & spotted cappatti. Doesn't matter if we need that awesome lamb power at night or not ... who knows ?

The burnt flat round bread was solid but soft and the hot milk , simply cool

We love them ( right , & below ) ! :D

left ( original pixs-Samsung i8910 )
 right ( with light )

all 4 RM9 4 2
cheap or not ? :)

only in de kampungs


Kenny Mah said…
I love fresh cow's milk, hot and unpasteurised... :D
Ciki said…
i heart fresh cows milk.. moo moo :P haha
cows milk is irreplaceable

milk we love coz its so so feminine
Sook said…
Oh the curry looks amazing!
Hazza said…
What kampung was this? Seems really cheap and good value!