make your cheap dinner look expensive

& delicious yet nutritious ...

Never mind if its just with a
under RM600 point & shoot
5 mp camera your dad gave you
on your last birthday.

And you had them shot inside the dim restaurant while everybody was eating.

You have set your camera to auto mode and made sure your hands were rock steady.

Then when you got back and saw the pics in your PC, you wished you had that Big DSLR like that Discovery cameraman and that famous Penang Blogger.

hey, fret not !

kangkong garlic RM4

see, the (same) right pic was enhanced vibrant
to give more vitamins

tofu with minced meats/dried prawns RM4

just became tastier (left)

then you can add white spring chickens to the brown eggs RM1.60
for more protein

and make those prawns RM10  even more stunning

you can go here to see how its done, FOC

but make sure you buy us a drink when you have saved yourself
thousands of ringgit by not buying your dream DSLR, for now... :D

nb : all pics above were taken with a camera phone


J said…
You have an iPhone too, right? I think I remember Nyonya Chef told me! :)
(Because I forgot to bring my camera to the Sang Har Mein place and had to use my phone...)
Anonymous said…
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actually one of us have a Samsung Omnia HD 8 mp
Hehe...brilliant tips. :-P Who needs a DSLR hor.
Babe_KL said…
here's another brilliant site for you to edit yr pics have fun!
Kenny Mah said…
Pretty nifty trick to enhance cameraphone pics... It's for those of us who are DSLR-less... :)
but more important is the camera-girl

thanks , we have used it previously
and its very easy, great for beginners !

actually we see camera phones to become better and better in future say 12mp , but cannot replace the shooting range and ease of use of pro cams
Anonymous said…
What a great resource!