the love hate from Malaysia

This local dark flavorful brew was also highlighted as one of the great offerings from Malaysia. But alas , as with many other things here , it pays to be more meticulous and cautious. Even with food I tell ya.

but how do you change a name ...without changing the taste , or can you ?

They can try , but its futile really.

actually its easy. either you take it or you leave it.

We ? Of course we will take it anytime , or our name isn't backStreetgluttons ! :D

afterall its only a piece of meat

the charismatic Ah Sang of Petaling Jaya, at the left corner

His cutting edge Bak Kut Teh
or if you like you can call it meat bone tea ( omg ! )
any other ideas ?

highly recommended no matter
SS3 , Petaling Jaya


HairyBerry said…
before the highway to klang, nearer to home, what's not to like, eh? bring on the meat, i'd say! ;D
J said…
yummy. Love this convenient BKT place. :)
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I used to go to Ah Sang, until I found a better place nearby called Xhin Foong BKT. =)
Ciki said…
looks damn shiok.. love the new look btw of your blog!
Tummythoz said…
BKT seems to be undergoing a major upmarket re-branding exercise. Somehow having it at roadside stalls taste better.
worldwindows said…
One of my favourite food. Eat it a few times a month.
NyonyaChef said…
Where is it? Why got so many bkt shops by that name...
yeah bring em on ! NOW !

we have had this one for ages and love the oily rice version but the fat Boss only recommend this to thin people :D

must be the shop with the firm tails issit ?

tks and the BKT is packed with many women ( how come ah ?)

Our resident BKT King says got sommore new ones discovered in Berkeley are U Ready ?

not really our fav food tho we eat it about 1 in 2 months except one of us who do it 3X a week

just nearby one got go before one