heartly a problem

Recently while visiting at the controversial IJN ( Institut Jantung Negara ), Jalan Tun Razak , Kuala Lumpur we felt like our very own strained 24 jam pumping hearts needed a break and off we went for a snack at the resident Kafetaria (canteen), near the multi-storey Car Park.

How nice, there were familiar food filled to the brim, exactly like in the brochures our
Tourism Ministry cries Malaysian Food to the outside world.

True to form, the notorious gastronomic arch villains were perched right in front

nasi lemak kukus &/or bungkus, nasi campur &/or kosong,  bihun sup &/or goreng,  lemak curries meat / ikan / veges, roti canai &/or besar kechil,  daging rendang &/or karma, ayam sambal ... ayam merah , atau kuih muih , horlicks c & b , iced kosong dan lain lain !
... tapi minus meat bone tea & char kuey teow

Very pleasantly... we reunited with our long lost nasi ulam RM3
and again come with eatMate of da year laksa Melayu RM2.80

its true ! there really is unlimited food in da Heartland !

The next time you find yourself here in this place of the hati patah ...
despair not
~eat & be happy~

enjoy !


Ciki said…
haha.. what is the REAL name for meat bone tea..? huh:P

how's ur heart? don't forget to ask for Neoquinon.. its gr8 for the heart!
its called best meat
and wats tat Neo something? But we only wanna ciki , all our heartbroken troubles will then be over !:D
UnkaLeong said…
There for a checkup? As soon as I got a clean bill of health, I went to get my quota of innards with meat bone tea :P
choi yen said…
I will not wish to go there =.="
Babe_KL said…
i was told there was a femes nasi lemak branch in HUKM in Cheras! LOL
we were visiting actually, but its good to know the heart doesn't pump 4ever
lol !

haha, sure who likes ?

maybe sick people need to be pampered with the best food !