head hunting, again

Do you, like many food connoisseurs in Sitiawan ( Perak, Malaysia ) lust fish heads, with the big round glassy eyes ? ... the ones sold in Bak Kut Teh ( wtf meat bone tea :) ) shops ?

Then hunt your way Down ( or Up ) , left or right along Jalan Kg Sitiawan, within 1 km from the Sitiawan-KFC junction. Here amazingly along the main road there are BKTs and there are fish heads. Some very Big like 2 kg a semi head garoupa &/or some other un-identifieds.

they are not cheap with prices ranging from RM30 upwards to hundreds for a half-head of bone & slimy skin.

then of course Chinese secret-sauced steamed ( or boiled ) to divine feastfection :D with a staggering dozen or so green limes and a truckload of sliced raw onions per plate.

People come in Protons ( behind ) & Hiluxs + Civics ( sideways ) & BMws ( usually in-front )

Whats da secret ? is it the incredible white omega-E meat ...da bones or the color of the skins ? or issit da brown sauce ?

why pay so much ? for so little ?

Find out and let us know soon , if you are lucky enough to be here !


Ciki said…
yes! i love to suck the big round glassy eyes.. as you put it.Also i love the brain! if the head is big enough, you can split the skull (looks like hard plastic material), the small grey matter in between the two perfect half's - split open, is the lovely delicious brain.

i love things with BRAINS. hahahaha (human and otherwise!)
Kenny Mah said…
"why pay so much ? for so little ?"

Hmm, I guess cos we seem to think that everything that costs more is always better? Not always though... :P
a remarkable breaking bones / head tearing adventure we know you would , day or night ! Those sparkling adjectives are exactly what we think makes you , the One. Our best impression of brains is steamed clear in Jln Peel , KL with herbs and spirit. without the bones. We are smiling :)

since we are on price , yes , we have calculated the net fish meat per kg to be in the region of hundreds of ringgit , believe it or not !