dedicated to the one we will love

Every once a while, something gently grazes and the feel lingers on ... the 6th sense.

We purposely tried one at 8am to get ourselves primed & ready for the chosen one. Then towards the elusive dream down da road at 10am. You can't be sure of these kind of things , sometimes its like the mystic twilight you gotta catch now or its gone forever.

Let he the local one just do it. How many also never mind, as long as it is not unrolled

plse click pic to see whats he talking

see ! he knows what he wants !
dun open please ...

the coming back party was as simple as that
a few apologetic words , and the wait

We had it cornered , all RM1.70 of da white thing plugged.
What a lovely salty smell !

Surely the next mid-week eXstacy shall now be fulfilled.

This post is specially dedicated to her undying love

Seow Fong Lye
Chee Cheong Fun Stall
Macalister Lane


ck lam said…
I just love the CCF especially with just hae kor and chili, no sweet sauce :)
This is one of the better stalls in Penang !