d Chinaman Meat

The RM1300 fail-proof navigation gadget was set to Section 25 Shah Alam from our start point in PJ to meet the Meat Prince. Funny thing was it led us all da way inside Kota Kemuning and around some Xtra-U turns and finally led us here into Taman Sri Muda ( Shah Alam ).

Yes sir gadgets do make mistakes but not this man.

He burns Chinese roasts to perfection and his 5 star Hotel Chef big black buttons & broad smiles testity to it.

Its easy actually. Go to the Kesas Highway heading towards Shah Alam. After passing the Proton factory to your left continue and after the Logistics something , turn left into the first slip road , stop look go then right into this Gluttons Zone !

quite impressive " glass char siews " and tender duck plus other meats

tell us if you agree that it is the best in da Kelang Valley ...
good luck !


Tummythoz said…
He good-looking too huh.
UnkaLeong said…
Hmmm...I don't have RM1300 fail-proof navigation device wor? Will I be lost in the boondocks?
Rebecca Saw said…
I spy mmore delicious char siews!
My GPScum HP somemore..wonder if i will get lost?? ;p
so are we

you will if you dun pay attention, we mean if you keep glancing at her

we kanot guarantee but will if we hold your hands
NyonyaChef said…
The char siew looks superb.