Can you really bit that ?

We can't , its too spicy , absolutely ludicrous & insane :(

the Malaysian Menu
appetizer : Swearing in da Mosque
                      Main Course
~: Dubai shopping , meat bone tea , disappearing RMAF jets ,
planned suicide and unplanned murder
illiterate high court judges, semuanya ok home minister
I have no time (dun bluf ) IGP, violent candlelight vigils :D
sodomy is my hobby
my bahasa is badder than your english
nasi lemak/bkt  spats with da Lion City
church front door is broken & prayer hall raging bush fires
another police report and much more Royal Commissions : ~
desserts : sexy female Thai autopsylogist (body cutter)
missing ? Bala ( but actually found alive, thank god )

with ah lok white coffee , sham teh tarik or ali milo O

beer can  Photobucket  lah , but eat ? hellNo !

Do you wanna stay or do you wanna go ?
... Maybe we should all just wait till  Photobucket la ok :) ?

Horrifying *Malaysian Politics

*also known as the great royal malaysian circus


Yar, I lose my appetite oso. At this rate, I'll be skinny by 2012.
Ciki said…
same here i too lose my appetite:(
Kenny Mah said…
Ah groans. Some of us, not so easy to leave even if we want to. But I still have faith in Malaysia...
HairyBerry said…
malaysia is a food paradise but how come we get so unappetizing? how to attract tourist? how to get local food copyright? sigh....
UnkaLeong said…
For all the hanky panky that's going on, I still call her home. Hopefully, they change the Chefs?
tigerfish said…
Meat Bone Tea? Hahahah!
I saw a drink stall here calling themselves Bean Flower Water.
we worry when they spill and spat for the next emergency

the fear is real, as was how RM100 billion was squandered when you and me were not looking

great optimism, hope it gets better...but the coming storm will be life threatening so beware

when we tell people meat bone tea , everybody laugh/scorn at the terrible hypocrisy, as is god

changing the chef is to torun the house upside down, hopefully the roof can get upright again

how bout god ? must sit qualifying test to say it one you know
msihua said…
I just came back from a 2 month holiday in KL and that basically summed it up... *sigh*
you are a lucky gal to be safely downunder