pangkor Easy

First , make your way to Lumut, Perak ( 1Malaysia ). There are many eating stalls here at the  Lumut Promenade , just beside the Lumut Jetty.

Makan dan minum lah dulu sayang before you proceed.

So sedap , Kafe 1 ( Lumut Promenade )
everybody is confused by the plethora of names here ( sorry )

The sober Jetty along the over-hyped Lumut Waterfront ( careful ... more names )
 The return ferry ticket costs RM10 and is a calm & pleasant 25 minutes ride, stopping first at Chinese fishing village Sg Pinang Kechil, Pangkor Island.

Go to the nearby Chinese Temple to settle down , or in this case to eat
Do not forget this is the famed Pangkor Laksa zone

Then like some people take a motorbike ride by road to the
edge of the deep bay ( Teluk Dalam ) for some-more rice ( what are you thinking ).

Its the beach remember ... so everything is a breeze !

whether hungry or not , continue at deteriorating Teluk Nipah
Becoz its there and becoz also got da ( lagi bolih tahan ) gorgeous sea-island-hill views.
Why , all 6 items 4 2 above only RM12
genuine award winning tropical ambience free

then relax ... count your blessings ( Pasir Bogak )
& ... have a smooth cold drink

before you go home to meet the guys n gals at the Curve

click on all pics to enjoy authentic panaromic views !

Welcome to Pangkor Island !


k.t.x said…
emmm, really interesting treasure-hunting route u hv come up with. lol. i wonder what's the prize, the GRANDE
minchow said…
Been too long since I've been in these quarters. Good to see that apart from snazzy monikers, everything looks pretty much the same, right down the simple local fare.
Kenny Mah said…
Nice panorama of the jetty, bro! :D
Ciki said…
i like this place for the food and diving - cheap too!
choi yen said…
pangkor island = satay fish :)
foodbin said…
did you see any hornbills?
Wallis Mcfadden said… Give a try for this new opening cafe at Kuchai Lama with top sell MILLE CREPE. They sincerly serving delicious food
Yinsi Yat said…
Oops! interesting ais kacang I saw there.
Ciki said…
BSG .. Glad 2know you and read all your funny, exciting and dangerous adventures with food! We r big fans of this site;) Merry Christmas and happy new year babes..see you in 2010!! muaks!
NyonyaChef said…
Your Christmas turkey is ready ! Merry Christmas
J2Kfm said…
Read and heard bout the laksa on the island, but never bothered to search for it.

Probably will in my next trip.
Penang Tua Pui said…
6 for RM12?? so cheap la..

it had been 8 years since my last visit to the Island.....
a fish, 2 prawns and a crab
lol !Happy New Year !

it hasn't changed much , except more cheap wooden structures (stalls & chalets)lining the more popular picnic spots, which is a shame really

tks and yes , its a pretty sight alright !

cumi ciki
they had a kind of Iron Man ( Woman) challenge here a month back and we din see ya ! See ya in 2010 and yes , you are among our Top 5 Malaysian Food/Beauty Blogs

did you know that the satay fish ( same like Pangkor one )in Lumut sells cheaper ?

yes , there are plenty around lunch/dinner time waiting for handouts

tks for the tip , we shall bear that in mind

these kind of simple ice kachang is obsolete in the cities

curry prawn noodle dinner & bubbly drink with the right beautiful one is excitingly fun tho dangerous

the laksa is of the frilless kind with original local noodles & worth trying

sad to say prices in Pg are shooting up and only in these kind of snall places are prices still bearable !
Penang Tua Pui said…
hahaha... dun say that...

there are still places offer great food and affordable price..

next time u drop by.. i bring u around.. ok?