juicy lucy , me & ratatouille

Its always nice when the lady orders and happiness is just watching

Especially when she knows

that pinkish grin who can forgit ?

sensitive and delicate ever the intrigue

20 minutes to come thats purrfact I tel you

her and hers

the french superstar de village (with greens)...
...a little like yesterday's broken popiah ( aucun coup-de-pied )

segafredo zanetti expresso
ristorante el d italiano

servizio eccellente, grande alimento !

grazie, saremo indietro !
thats a promise ...

Juru Auto City , Off the Juru toll
approaching Georgetown , Penang
North South Highway


Rebecca Saw said…
errmm..so is the food good?
Other than the incredible red juice, the only other good thing was the shrimp paste which was delicious and the service , exemplary; probably becoz we were like... err you know a potential Porche customer ( from next door one )
k.t.x said…
come on, dont bluff us, the gurl is juz a pin-up...lol. but if u ask me, i prefer the smooth ham + bread and fresh olives/salad to the fried calamari+prawn fritters....nor the fried egg of his or hers....hehe.
ling239 said…
yer.... the pink drink blocks the best view XD
Ciki said…
sweet! both the food and the gal;)
HairyBerry said…
pink 20 minutes enjoyment to come..we like it. who needs coffee for stimulation, eh? :D
worldwindows said…
Good for a pit-stop, this place? I am always in a hurry to get to Penang island after the 31/2 hour drive.
there were 3 of us , one from Siam from near de Laos border while the other the pink Porche lady , next door. The afternoon food was dry and could be badder if only with Italiano wine ( + ktx ) but...btw that was not the egg but the ratatouille lol !

she was mesmerizing alright

how come you know 1 ah ?

rightee on !

indeed we were arguing why not this place be called Food City instead of Auto City ? The place set up is kinda like inside of 1_Utama , PJ interior food court - lol !
minchow said…
Been suspicious abt Auto City for the longest time! Not convinced to go after yr post either!
~Christine~Leng said…
haha. first glance, I thought the sweet gal was sipping away with the drink! good one :)
when the sore thumb idea was first mooted some years back , we were not impressed since the place was obscure & too near an Industrial Estate, then why autos ? Suddenly it became Food ! Not like as tho you haven't seem them those restaurants/cafes / wannaBs somewhere near Queensbay Mall

actually we prefer that to food