killer troops underground

awesome ! 


lonesome ... lonely &

a little l0st :( ?

Like Emperors of old , many Chinese tycoons today love fine food from the past.
First entrench them in Big L0t 10 , with gold lined yesterday's Superior Tastes. 
4 tomorrow's fame shall follow

deep below...out of sight ...
for the Imperial Emperor's grandiose banquet cannot be ...
cheap at da backStreets, like yesterdays ... can it ?

 come ! see the army of de best & the finest of da top 30 legendary warriors from across the steep mountains and treacherous seas in da Mother-land ...
artfully poised downunder for the 2nd Great Battle 

Only this time,  O King ...  will it be different...
or will history repeat itself...?
as the finest army the world has ever known lay
cloaked, deep below ... once more ? 

Hutong Food Court (de basement )
Lo(s)t 10
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur


J said…
I really have to try this place soon - seems like everyone's talking about it! :)
foodbin said…
some of the servings are not to expectations
HairyBerry said…
the major difference is in the decimal points. those days, M$0.15 one bowl. then RM1.50 one bowl. now, RM15.00 one bowl. but will the quality remain? u r right. will be trying out this porky place when i get back! ;D
Rebecca Saw said…
I wanna tr y the BKT here!
k.t.x said…
dude, u must be kidding me. lol. 2 b soaked into the glam of the highly inflated prices dictated by these tycoons on these true authentic food dictated by our forefathers/mothers, is a true submission which i cannot comprehend. while it may not b the case in all the cases maybe, i hv no qualms droppin by to cek out its interiors, not to forget those grub which seems yummy from the looks but often find it otherwise when the sense of taste comes about. such a con job. lol.
qwazymonkey said…
I love how you presented this place.

It's nice, but ex. And agreed, one can really get lost walking around.
We din like its cold exclusive hidden location with strange twisting corners

to be expexted in nearly all cases where the try harder artificial ambience will fall flat on its face

got da irritating snob appeal, good only 4 ignorant tourists/showy tourist guides

we need to show u da real berkeley garden

we suspect its the tycoon,s way of telling his admirers... I can !

the so called ambience is an unmitigated disaster !
Ciki said…
hutong! i have not been here (because SOME ppl went and didn't call me..mwuahahaha :P)
Kenny Mah said…
Haven't been to Lot10 to makan for ages. Maybe now is a good time to revisit an old haunt with a new face? :)