8-course dinner 4 8

Some Chinamen dun take rice when they have a feast. With chopsticks in hand , the ritual of beginning 4 seasons ending hot soup plus main dish Carlsberg is the usual. They work hard for the money and spend harder...:) and drink the hardest tho some would prefer to (try 2) sing on stage, bloated tummy & all. Their idea of a party, since ancient times. We also do that sometimes too

At a small pekan Pantai Remis in Perak, famous for their cheaper seafood and some dishes. All for under RM300.

Cheap or not we ain't sure but cheaper than in many other places elsewhere

but as they say after many kampeis !  howtF we know food good or not ? But they do look good !


Rebecca Saw said…
wahhh... i spied a lot of sharkfin in that BIg bowl!
J said…
Too much kampeii = tastebuds switched off? Haha....
Ciki said…
the prawn looks massive.. we like most things massive!
its more starch than fins really, coz a good shark fins soup depends a lot on the crab meat ( + dash of black vinegar - to remove the fins taste which is btw tasteless ):p

one of the quirks of the ancient Emperor's cravings rubbing on unsuspecting gourmets, haha

sure , just like the curve & green where liquid is best , not fishy nor hard to digest

massive we also got Dear...
k.t.x said…
that's starch soup or shark soup? lol.
ling239 said…
wat are those pieces covered with sesame ?
starch crap soup

prawns downunder
Michelle said…
prawn prawn prawn prawnnn!!