whites in hot soup

We first thought of the premium pan mee ( flat noodles / flat cake / bee hoon kuih ) in corner lot Mayang Mas / Aman Suria.  O no , not there please ... she pleaded ! (dunno why )

And so ... from this love-hate mess we made a 3/4 U turn

... then half-past 6  Ww turns later we were opposite jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya , not knowing what to expect from this hazy twilight zone .

Stepping into the lonely coffee shop around 2.30pm , the first lady told us Yes ! still got ... if the dark specky man can see or not ? sitting there says so ...

Typical Chinaman corner with the Indon / Burmese helpers

We were relieved the lovely star item (above) was still on !

with the slippery whites firm yet tender,
crispy burnt anchovies, green vegetables & mushroom bits as good as can be
all in clear tasty hot soup !

unexpectedly one fine bsg eXxperience !

With that satisfied look, bsg pink promised the grand pasty Mamasan she'll be back ,
with more new customers and maybe
a new age Franchising Plan.

Yay , why not ?

a bsg "must try" 


NyonyaChef said…
It the the place with one row of shop lot only ?
k.t.x said…
hey big momma. juz bcoz of u, i give u a little benefit of doubt, because this guy uses the choysum instead of the "small leaves". so, r u sure? lol.
Rebecca Saw said…
ohh..yes..forgot abt this plc..me no fan of pan mee but this plc been getin raves reviews..time to chk it out!
btw, the corner lot at aman suria - is it that good ?
UnkaLeong said…
To my taste buds, dis wan better than the other one :P
Kenny Mah said…
Oh the places we'll go... for the perfect pan mee! :D
correct !

both are green and with chlorophyll
tkg goodness

this one is badder than the Klang Taman Berkeley hotshot while the aman suria corner came from Taman Mayang last time one and is ranked below this twilight zone

right on ... 8 packs !

this one is our
No 1 (November 09)
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