roti canai capati kari

They can come hard , tender , brittle , charred or fair

wide & spacious incorrigible mamak corners
with wifi & pink serviettes (thank god !)

famous oily roti canai ( cutted )

capati ( cloth-like undulating soft bread with charred spots )
best with sardines

the smelly tough mutton becomes aromatic tender
orange slurping goodness gracious

find them anywhere in the world
ask for "kambing"


Michelle said…
among all the roti-roti capati tosai.. i still like roti kosong the best.. hehehe
minchow said…
Carbs galore! Fluffy oily bread is the best thing for the start of the week! I want some for brekkie tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
another place for good roti canai is at 16 jalan ss2/ is not bad...near to kent condo ss2 area.
Selba said…
Love roti canai...

nice blog template ;)
Rebecca Saw said…
yes yes yes! roti garing dan dhaal pls!!
Banjir! with sugar.
with teh tarik. memang best!
roti kosong has its own pure comforting bready aroma & excellent with the tarik...

our top choices include sri melur/klang, shah alam, pelangi ss2, kanna section 17 & raju gasing

kent ss 2 is noted , tks

the most fluffy one is in Rajus in Jalan Gasing ,PJ

after your Saturday morning super breezy jog & hop in Bkt GASING ?
We will be awating with bated breath...
Ciki said…
the 3rd foto like so little liao on the roti.. the Last foto looks more like it! i like to DROWN my roti in meat n sauce! yarmie..:P
k.t.x said…
capatis the way to go man...but roti is as good too...u r like asking me to choose between salma hayek and susan sarandon. lol.
cumi ciki
drown us drown us , Kwik !

we know you will take both , and more
lol !