moon kite of the east

Kelantan in the east coast has some fabulous dishes and a few memorable icons , other than its standout delectable fair ladies and the usually troublesome November/December floods. Of course there is also the quaint symbol of flight & freedom called wau bulan (crescent moon-kite) which in full flight on a string is quite beautiful , flying high in the skillful hands of the right Master. Have you been there done that , yet ?

No problem , nearer the west you can have an imitation. The sort that says we are real you know.

right , the nasi dagang. a little sweet firm brownish white oily rice with curry tuna fish.

inside , the gallery of the kites on the wall. they are not flying , of course

then the blue looking rice (nasi kerabu) with raw fresh herbs , a salted 1/2 egg plus some.

O ... our new found eating buddy . Say Hi cutie !

the east is everywhere , but we think they are much better where they came from , the east coast.

restoran wau bulan
(behind Billion Supermarket)
seri manjung


k.t.x said…
oh my wow, it's surely unfair that most great stuff hovers around
minchow said…
Way to ignorant for my own good. I have only had the imitation versions of nasi dagang in the west, and loved them, because I don't know any better!
Rebecca Saw said…
ahhh..not likely to be in the area anytime soon. so..will hv to do w KL pasar tani/ malam versions!
sc said…
wah, so far neh... luckily there's some decent nasi kerabu near my office in KL. and my kelantanese colleague makes a killer nasi dagang with ikan tongkol :)
Michelle said…
what a name for a kelantanese restaurant.. ahhaa..

yes.. its soo far!~~
the cat craving for your tuna.. hehe
J said…
The cat's eyes are shouting "FEED ME NOW!"... Haha...
if we can say so , how about your enlightentment fulfilling body and soul adventures in China , Vietnam Kemboja , Chiengmai and beyond ? Next Tibet ? after Antartika ?

then you have the best for ignorance sure is bliss. We have watched with such envy how an Amerikano just enjoyed his plate of "bad" CKT in KL with yes ! tiger
or conversely how a Chinaman enjoyed his incomparable wasabe sushi in sushi King

some are surprisingly good ( and cheap )

yes , tongkol or wood fish is firm and good with the excellent sweety ND curry but can be fishy in the wrong hands

cats and Malay cuisine , what a lovely combo ( err bsg / Michhh...perfect ?)

next time we bring you a cat ( we mean kattt )
J2Kfm said…
eh for one i reli tot you writing bout Kelantan pulak.
surprisingly, i only ate the nasi kerabu for one pathetic time, throughout my 4 days in kelantan.
hehehe ... dunno where to search lah...
bsg said…
then we await your nex adventure in Kelantan