malay girl in da chinese village

Its nice to know she's always there ...waiting for you

simple and green

beautiful , natural & pure

tasty at RM2
诱惑 !


qwazymonkey said…
And you're eating Nasi Lemak with chopsticks! How very 1Malaysia of you.
J said…
Lol... but why so mysterious? Where's this location actually? :)
Rebecca Saw said…
yayya.. must ell us whr mah!
leve us salivatin but not knw'ing whr to get our fix!
minchow said…
Yeahhh.. let's see 1Malaysia manifest itself in the best bit about our nation... ze street food!!
ciki said…
i love bootiful and natural! uh huh!
we have to be ready when Dec comes

near your house - coming ?

best could well be in Jln Doraisamy , KL

true and This is It !

dun we ...too ?
Kenny Mah said…
I like how the 'bsg' is right in the middle of that... uhm, packet of nasi lemak. Kinda suggestive? :P