looks are deceiving

Mediocre dirty magenta scars on the outside with ugly errr , dangerous
scary black  h o l e ?

but ... inside ...what the H !
its so shiny , dripping with jaw-dropping teasing pinky purple juice all over
Like jewels on the run
Should put them between your palms ...
yeah -what fun

Sweet Spanish pomegranates ( from the backstreets outside Madrid - dulce y sabroso )


Rebecca Saw said…
agree! A superfood like no otr!
choi yen said…
eat this fruit is time-consuming, hehe ^.^
k.t.x said…
goshhh, i remember this in china. they hv free fruit everyday for lunch and we usually get it from the pantry. this chinese guy was peeling those flesh droplets n i got myself 1 as well but found later it's such a hassle eating this while working, i gave up...lol. last last, i took one home to savor while watching cctv(s)
bsg said…
but not too sweet tho . looks like one !

yes but rarely found

not really if you use sharp spoon and ask bsg to help you

you can of course spit the seeds out , otherwise just swallow it whole