how not to become

the backStreetGluttons !

nasi ayam ( dengan satu tomato ) dari RM3 at the backlane near the taxi stand

what mein you want also got from RM2.40 near the community hall at the back near the big school

Semua roti ada from RM0.50 with apa macam kari pun ada near the backstreet in front of the side turn

imitation Japanese steamboat buffet from RM9.80 eat all you can-onot , near the bush 300m from the main road ( quite near Petronas petrol station along the Main Road)

Welcome to 1Malaysia ...


Kenny Mah said…
1Malaysia? Try 1Big Appetite! :D
J said…
All that food in one day?? Wah....
Ciki said…
this is what I've been pigging out on since the return! roti banjir!! hehe .. nice collages.
choi yen said…
where is these places?
Babe_KL said…
eat all you can at RM9.80 only??? wow
the latest buzzword in helplessness ( or issit hypocrisy omg ! )

not true lah

tq , lets eat

small kpg places in our travels outside KL

wait for you to come ...
can eat many one