highway stars(lets)

Frequent afficionados of the backlane highways will be familiar with these hanging loose bunches from a shack.
Its good to stop and check them out sometimes.

If not just to confirm that obnoxious aroma really came from here.

You will be handsomely rewarded we are sure .

Then be treated to colors as sharp as the jungles behind .

Like us ... all da time :))

the palatial gastronomic quickie in-post

the king being slit
sometimes it isn't easy
we know but its worth it
only RM2 wat

these gorgeous princesses are all game to be spread open to reveal da most
succulent white slippery shining skins of tender loving flesh
RM6 for 3 bunches

the cure-all health Queen as she looks, so full of vitality , no ?
oozing good to perfection ?

the yellowwy popping-up temptress with the irresistible smell
would you not fall on your knees , again ... to lick ;) her once more ?

Gua Tempurung - Ipoh Federal trunk road


k.t.x said…
gosh, this stretch is where v often hung out for roadside fruit adventures when v were young and eager....altho we were all driven there by papa....lolz. thanks for the good olde sweet memories, dude(tte)
ciki said…
me love all the other fruits except the durian.. tho it's king! hehe

oh yar, i forgot, kindly update my link to www.cumidanciki.com

HairyBerry said…
highway starlets that will sure guarantee a free hitch hike. they will offer some natural, beautiful scents and tastes. high way highway!
bsg beta said…
the old highways have a certain old world charm and time travelling warriors like you are right in there !

finally the .com swoooosh in so strong and so natural. Do we smell the tanned fragrance of the future Queen ?

eu de natural old rusty roads , sentimental charms unlimited...