gluttons tell no lies

I have never seen nor tried her, honest ... /sweat
Don't believe me ah ? Then watch my impeccable Queen's English  ...=))

all 4 1Malaysia

the most famous dish in Malaysia
the Bombshell 3 everybody's talking about

Go find it here here
or  HERE us

Valid November * December 2009 only


Rebecca Saw said…
Rawang? What is it worr?
HairyBerry said…
the truth is in the taste. and words. and witness. and the gluttons. we wait for an exciting dish and tube. maybe tv also.
Kenny Mah said…
Are you sure 1Malaysia boleh makan this? Doesn't look halal leh... LOL
Its the place where Bala ( Altantuya ) previously stayed , had a Bak Kut Teh then disappeared to Bangkok

no Dear , its the biggest thing to hit Malaysia, watch the news ( Mongolian ) December

right on bruder !

should come with a earth shattering C4 Big Bang December 09

good ! you got the message ! Watch Najib in December 09