from the real fuzhou, with love

One of us was so struck by the shattering red of high that he made an exclusive journey 3188.88 km across the South China Sea hoping to uncover its exquisite charms and secrets.

Fuzhou , capital of Fujien Province , China.  Alluring temples with the curved roofs. He claimed to have also met the jumping wall Buddha but that was not his purpose. 

Along the way he encountered a smattering of squeezed delights which would have fallen a lesser being to eternity. But not him , he not only gobbled and persevered against unnatural calamities & what not temptressations but hung on like a real man should to reach the end of the checkered line.

for instance which mere mortal wouldn't have fallen head over heels over this teaser of a convoluted gripping white bread sensuously entrapping exotik pinky meat
begging for eatisfaction or reigned into pussy submission by this pampered & torn fried dough... blistering raw aroma dripping wild ?
& amongst white loose balls of more pungent meats ?& to finally meet his match

Learn the ancient secrets of the real Fuzhou , uncovered by our  gound-breaking and color busting Hero HERE  =D> bravo !

The right pic shows the Kuala Lumpur outdated fishy imitation in Jalan Gajah , Pudu ,  Kuala Lumpur ( the red color is about right but did ya notice the missing curved bamboo roof ? :))


Kenny Mah said…
For half a minute there, I thought that THAT was the real Fuzhou! :P
ciki said…
we 've eaten here before - it's good! i like the second shot. v nice!
Rebecca Saw said…
I didnt like it... hmm... is it cos i dunno hw to appreciate the food?
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Take me go please, pretty please?? =)

rif cannot take red wine soup...I need my Hock Chew makan kaki!!
J2Kfm said…
i tot this was in sitiawan pulak. cheh ... they seem to make a limited number of those oyster cakes (donuts?) daily.
Tummythoz said…
Like thenomadGourmand, been there but did not find the food memorable.

1st pic = food porn, no?
where have you been longly , near Taipei ?
Anyway our friend was in the real Fuzhou ( off Taipei ) for grand his initiation

the second shot was carefully composed , re-re framed & taken after some wonderful red wine

our cook will love it when a person first start off not liking it, its a great challenge !

we have been not around of late but will promise to be back - with the sweetest Fuzhou Babe, naturally

those are called kong pian and infact the Malay pasar malams do a better job as "cucuk udang", which is why the red is a standout coz its not halal , its just High

we would love to see the Pg lady from Xian have a go, have informed the cook allreadi
sorry they are tear pian , not kong pian !
~Christine~Leng said…
i've not heard of this place.. haha, would love to check this out.
the first pic ( or 2nd ) are real pixs of places , wine and food, tho the second one is so like her we have to say ;)

this Pudu place has been famous for a while with its red noodles, while the one in Fuzhou is very far away tho the other one in Riana is in PJ. The testing ground is scheduled in/for TTDI
HairyBerry said…
love the V shapes. almost orgasmic with the moist filling. delicious.
worldwindows said…
Lots of Fuzhou in Sitiawan and Sibu! The fishballs... need no intro.
the V was a dream almost come true

fuzhou cuisine is different , and there are subtle variations between most FooChow towns due to availability of local produce, just like dialets !
Anonymous said…