steroids at both ends

When you are in a strange land after a very long drive
 low on libido and need instant vroOo0mm
where do you go ?
what do you do ?
right or left ?

dingy, wicked ...  quite like Klang.
G & J dark

moderate ... unclouded ( JB-ish )
Chai Chin light

final verdict : its a draw !
from RM6.50 a person 

Bak Kut Teh - best of  ))
corner lots , both ends
Jln Kg Sitiawan ( 0.5 km from KFC ),
Sitiawan, Perak


J2Kfm said…
hey! i dined at Chai Chin last week as well. initially i've no idea what they served, for they had those smorgasbord of items on the signboard.
but didnt manage to try the fish heads other tables were ordering.
tigerfish said…
Too much steroids leads to "nose bleed" ? :O
Hazza said…
We passed Sitiawan on the way to Pangkor but time was short - wish we could have stopped to sample some of the food there.
These 2 also serve steamed grouper 1/2 fish heads ( of more than 1 kg ) with tons of cut raw onions and a half dozen or so of limes @RM60/kg which means they go for around RM60 to RM100 a half hearted head ! You have to get an army of die-hard 4 fish addicts to enjoy this tough fish meat & bones. Otherwise go for their decent BKTs

sometimes bleed non stop from everywhere

you should try the fuzhou dishes here , not BKT
lol !