not bluffing 1

One of us is involved in a project nearby and sometimes 4 of us will gather here for lunch.  ^$Fniamaff!)ccb#* !
... the over-crowded , haphazard mad stupid parking ! We have struggled & cursed here several times, all with different "aiya , U know onot this 1 ?" Power GluttOns.

One proudly claims to have brought exclusive wild boars here for his immaculate fix of personalised custom-made claypot BKT.

Another swears he met the finest drunk chickens in the universe right here.

 Whatever , here , the mysterious shrouded head is famous too

the cheap but not bad thing , all covered with lumps of stinging ginger
it is confirmed - the cheapest 1/2 fishhead steamed in da Klang Valley !

the fair Chinese teo-chew diet BKT
( light but super strong herbal potion cum tonic cum elixir cum aphrodisiac )

black ... lean ...  mean & fatty pork in white claypot - a still cannot be imitated
no matter how hard you try Chinese gastronomic soya sauced specialty

 the yin of the yang matter to complete the short & hot noon culinary homage

all 4 RM60 something for 4
rated 3.79 of 5.00 ( today )

Soon Fatt Ba Kut Teh
Mayang Mas ( off Taman Mayang )
Petaling Jaya


k.t.x said…
lol. so typical TAIKO-gangster-mafia-yakuza type of order huh? serious 1 huh? lol.
NyonyaChef said…
Hey, bkt and fish head in the same place ? Which 1 ?
Rebecca Saw said… the vicinity of Aman Suria also nvr call me for makan ;(

Hehe... this the corner newly opened one?
ciki said…
i think i've been here. it's damn shiok!
choi yen said… that i scare after 2 months of confinement!!!!
2 of us are communists sidekicks of Chin Peng, one is escort de factro for China Dragon women ( exclusive community service in Jenjorom & Tanjung Sepat )

the one in-between Bernards & Bayview

we called and called but ...

we bring you next to Mou Sang , Klang ... Best !
adel said…
i like this new design of your blog here