dinner 4 2 at happy jungle

You hungry onot , want to eat now ah ? sommore got 1 hour more to go you know.  ...the bright corner shop there got many cars one ? Can see onot ?
Surely got seafood one maybe cheap & good sommore so near the sea . Sure babe , why not ?

The classic Chinese small town fluorescent overlit restaurant with the feel good ambience greets you !

You can order say , big long mantis
prawns ( from down the beach nearby) spicy , tomyam stingray ( he say come from near Sg Besar one )  in assam sauce , choice potato leaves ( from jungle ) stir fried then want mee or rice ? rice lah ok. Drinks ? Got tiger ( you mean jungle one ah ?) also. No lah the bir , dun be funny ok. No, just give Chinese tea.

and so the happy dinner went like that. Quite ok not so expensive RM20 something only, quite fresh and taste also ok. Next time we must come back to order the scary lobster and the fat crabs like the next table got order one. Dun forgit ah . :)

Restoran Happiness
Hutan Melintang
(approaching Teluk Intan from Sabak Bernam )


k.t.x said…
wow, such a simple and chic combination complete with chinese-tea de pays and so reasonable (never say cheap, it's cheap) for a piece of a 4-course. bravo!!!
Unknown said…
happy happy joy joy ! nice food of course happy lor
NyonyaChef said…
Hey which part of the jungle was that ?
tq , we shud have a few courses too, sometimes over tsingtao & double seagulls

thanks for sharing the happiness !

that was bear the Bagan Datuk fellas house lah
foodbin said…
so cheap-the other i had small mantis prawns cost me rm3/each.