well cook gourmet

Its good to know that we still have gourmets who well , cook ...

Even in these times of the runaway overdressed Asian Cafes in every corner ! who really cannot

For many years now , Malaysian food has remained at a standstill. Maybe that's what we mean by being original and authentic , timeless dishes which our great loyal grandmamas made for the greater wandering grandpapas

... for who would dare to make da lips breaking smelly slippery noodle dish with the signature sexy pungent fishy soup into one without ( omg ! ) , & fried ?   looking a little lost among the likes of the nonchalant char kuey teow ? well ... he did .  with a team of red fast Indon sweeties .

the airy place with the front and back openings for the fast getaways , just in case .

These slim ladies are good looking , quick and efficient , a little like those famed Indomies at the backstreets, beside the corner lanes in town.
the curry mee in claypot is good

prima donna the fried laksa , in all its distorted dehydrated charred glory

we are not complaining tho ,  for at a speedy RM5.50... its refreshing ...even tho its not real

Jalan SS 14
Subang Jaya


minchow said…
I was just in the area last night, being taken on a tour since I wasn't all that familiar with the area. I saw tons of BKT places, a coupla Hakka places but I missed THIS! I can now find my way back there and I shall hunt the fried laksa down!
Rebecca Saw said…
i soooo agree! So many cafes churning out those horrible things they call food! Ughh!
HairyBerry said…
creative, definite. they should register this design. it's a national treasure, i think. :)
J2Kfm said…
indeed creative twist to an evergreen classic.
though heard many uninviting reviews and feedback as well.
msihua said…
I would be expecting so MUCH from a place with that name!!
foodbin said…
oh! fried laksa-great.
Wilson Ng said…
Laksa looks unique. :)
we always thoz the gems were in the SS15 areas till of late . Yeah there are lots of other popular items with big crowds along the same stretch

until they meet bsg and NG

not really since it is actually CKT with a lemongrassy bungakantany frgrance !

the food is not outstanding but old man is different and the service , fast as lightning

has a good crowd and generally efficient Malaysian noodles

the name is a misnomer since it is CKT

nice to see you here ! the shop is quite packed and very airy. food is generally good
Ciki said…
fwarr, again change layout ar? sailek hor?! well, now BSG takes on subang jaya 4authentic cooking.. ! what an adventure :)
cumi ciki
thats a little bit of what we want bigger ... to be just like some fast people downtown , yessir !