pasar malam close-ups

More test street food pics from Samsung i8910HD ( camera phone )
as set to auto focus , close-up mode (daylight in shade )

uploaded to blogger with Opera Browser 10.01(turbo)

backstreets fried rice noodles (RM1.50)
tambah chili

rojak RM2.00
without sauce ( not yet lah )

apam , 3 for RM1 
superthin crispy waffle , dry type

banchangkueh RM1.50
wet pancake with sweetened corns + broken nuts

buah cempedak goreng RM1 for 4
fried with embedded seed
a bsg top choice

nasi lemak bungkus


verdict(s) :
i8910 8mp passed with flying colors
Opera 10.01 despite turbo assisted not much faster than Firefox 3.6
most of these selected items may not be available in wannabe city cafes

note : updated 1Nov2009


hApPy HaPpY said…
wow... this Samsung gadget really cool leh...
LOL! Yes indeed still way better than the over-priced grub we get in cafes!
LOL! Yes indeed still way better than the over-priced grub we get in cafes!
tigerfish said…
easier to take pics secretly than ever...
CUMI & CIKI said…
Excellent.. Gimme one la! Happy halloween team bsg!
happy happy
the camera is fine but you must be pretty still with your hands, and the settings sensitive

indeed this kind of place drives 80 % of Malaysians

so watch out dear

happy de halloween with da Gals and those monstrous balds
J said…
Mmmm... so many yummy but carb-y goodies.
(Hey, stop tempting me to break my diet! Haha...)
k.t.x said…
i juz had a laksa but i think pasar malams standards r dropping by the day. hehehe. most of all, it's messy and the excitement fades out.