its me again !

Is it true that by making the dough into
long thin strands they can then be used in all sorts of dishes-dry,wet,sauced, and so on and so that you can give your chopsticks a good roll over ?

Well, thats me I guess

All 1 ton of it .
(from nokia n85, blogger mobile
digi gprs)


NyonyaChef said…
It's you again ! Are you still toying around with your blog ?
nyonya chef
alamak , I thoz you are cooking in Shanghai or Donggung ?
Kenny Mah said…
The noodles look good, the char siew on the other hand look a tad pale?
Tummythoz said…
Yalor. Scrawny meat slices. Must be the Northern version.
kenny / tummythoz
haha must be my tiny nokia ,
absolutely no match for the Lumix !