its all about me

I was born many years ago in a remote part of China.

maybe that's why I am yellow :D

many say I am a bit too long n some say special

quite a few infact think I twist & turn all the time

together we make a formidable team and much wanted everywhere

the Italians like to call us names , such as this and that spaghetti pastarina strippili

in Japan & Korea they call us ramen or mein and all kinds of funny things  , still we dun mind.

Here in Malaysia its just mee. No problem semua nya ok ...even tho we boil  /sweat easily

we are everywhere , from RM3 /wahaha
..din ya know ... its da

mee rebus istimewa (special boiled noodles) Era
Seri Manjung ( Sitiawan )


Kenny Mah said…
You may be yellow but you sure don't taste mellow... :)
worldwindows said…
Can a patent be applied for?
HairyBerry said…
and we, i mean mee, comes in all delicious shapes and sizes. and pastarina strippili sounds orgasmic, with or without sauce.
minchow said…
Mee's the real staple for me, not rice. Oodles of noodles for me thanks!!
tigerfish said…
Heeee heee.....nice noodles interpretation.
yellow is royal

patent can be applied for but it will take a millenium to be approved
( n by whom ?) !

and so to handle it , the chopstick was invented ...

noodles lady - what a terrific long night its gonna be !

tk , next will be woman
Rebecca Saw said…
mee rebus..yum..havent found a good one in KL yet..recom?
Ciki said…
Ayam yellow too! but ah aint chicken! hehe ;)
we dunno much about mee rebus other than that nearly all da Malay mee stalls have it but we heard got one in Jln Tar somewhere very good.
Tho we never get excited

we certainly wish you were babe ...
lol !