International smell good rice

True to its name , after 35 years, it is finally moving out of da kampung.
( Presently there are 3 inside KL Malls)

A pity tho the ancient rustic ambience had to stay put. Still, at RM3.95 a std plate & 1 teh tarik , its priced superbly, considering that the cool fresh air cond & Bangsar inspired designer Chinas are worth something !

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
Bangsar Telawi
Kuala Lumpur

originally posted via cameraphone 25Oct 09
updated 26 Oct 09


Rebecca Saw said…
can eat meh the NL here? didnt knw its only 3.95!
the taste is a shade off the kg baru one, compensated by comfort & style
Michelle said…
haha i was just around the corner that day.. friend and i were like.. huh? why antarabangsa?? sounds so.. international nasi lemak.. hehehehe

want to try want to try!!
hApPy HaPpY said…
It's about time the Malay traders come out commercially and not to always trade at road sides. Well done.
J2Kfm said…
hmm, but once commercialized, very hard to maintain QC.
just look at those Old Town outlets.
Ciki said…
i heard not so good hor? i still prefer the original KAMPUNG style! LOL
Tummythoz said…
Eh so cheap d? Promo ke? My experience was quite cut-throat-ler.
the place is pretty decent , clean ans so on tho of course for authentic NL , its back to da kampungs !

tks for coming by , yes it is time to move on ...though the business model is entirely different ...and da rental OMG !

absolutely correct , unless they have a viable tiny menu like McDonalds

yes , kampung is still way on top

so disasterous outing for you last time ! maybe they read and learnt oredi TQ