foodpics with your phone

One of the interesting things about blogging what you eat is seeing the results of your hard camera work on the tiny screen , gravies , grease ... admiring glances and all that.

Especially if you have a state of the art Nikon D something or , in this case the stunning i8910 HD from the impossible Korean powerhouse called Samsung.

Superb quality from its 8mp lens and ...omg that style !

the crispy fried Chinese fritters as they look , from here

why , the brown meats come out fresh and neat , too ...
in da saltish but delicious controversial medicinal brew

We were here , one Sunday morning, in popular SS14 Subang Jaya , Selangor
trying out the 3.7 inches amoled monster.

The results ( pics above )  , for a camera phone ...
...are pretty impressive if we can say so ourselves

and the dish ( we mean da food la )  ? only so so


Ahh the BKT legacy lives, in the camera and within each and every one of us! Subang calls!
CUMI & CIKI said…
wa.. all the shots of the BKT taken with the samsung ar? changgih nya :P
jason said…
Not bad not bad
the bkt is rated 6 of 10 by our learned BKT King

correct , its awesome ( n BIG )

hopefully the day comes when we only carry one gadget ( & 1 GF )