the cow shed

It has been around for ages, this place in seedy Tengkat Tong Shin , Kuala Lumpur beside the Corona Inn Hotel. A gourmet backstreet of sorts, it sits amongst some meaty luminaries like the Meng Kee bbq pork shot , Adik Beradik Chua's fish/meat balls and a sprinkling of puzzling half past 6 eateries. Nevertheless it is a part of old messy KL with many backpacking haunts and should not be missed , for the bona fide budget traveller & self confessed exotic connoisseur of da living or dead.

right below the big cow logo is this plasticky rickety hidden back alley ,
now probably entering its post bicentennial last hurrah

all for this meagre strands + 2 small balls ?
RM5.50 with miniscule old body parts in lame soup
most afternoons to way past midnight
till the cowgirls go home

why not , it was the numero uno beef noodles then ...those days
aahh ... distant unforgettable memories ...

ngau kee beef noodles
tengkat tong shin
near Jln Alor / Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur


Michelle said…
me no eat beef..
hence i can't feel your enthusiasm..
hahhahaa... =P
J said…
Unfortunately, so many places start off so nice but in the end are just ok/ not nice anymore... :(
(Hmmm... I haven't eaten at Ngau Kee for ages though.... maybe it's time for a visit soon) good liao..lots of MSG only!
ok we shall do lamb , young and tender , full of flavors and loving feel

you shouldn't coz the old timers are gone and the youngsters cannot tell the difference between mee, bee hoon nor kuey teow , not even can differentiate between balls & muscles

haha we rate this gang of young lost souls
1.1 of 5 ( just being kind lah )
Rebecca Saw said…
aiyo..Unka likes this plc worr..myself not a fan of beef..
It used to be de Place until the youngsters came and the Old left. Now a shadow of its glorious past
( like many others we know )