boil and grill yourself

This is a unique steaming fire / burning hot exercise where you cook your own fresh selections taken from a 60-item buffet spread , over a hot pot and black metal grill ( pic ) ... and is a kind of sit-in Chinese family meal, from the likes of the wintery Korean Grill & Japanese Syabu Syabu .
In certain parts of KL / PJ this together we steam dinners ( as in Sunway Mentari ) have become popular and is now spreading outwards to the kampungs , err like wild fire .

In this case here in this new shop in Sitiawan , your careful selection from the tiny trays of vegetables , meats & fishes plus some other popular items such as fresh prawns, crabs, fish balls , sausages , etc etc can be dipped into 3 choices of either herbal, clear or tomyam soups while the solid meat & fish slices with sausages may be grilled over the black hexagonal designer hot plate at the bottom with scoops of margarine / butter . With your family lah or gf/bf. You know , sharing ...

Sounds good ?

you bet !  for RM19.90 a head

Maybe that's why the place in this small frugal town was so eerily quiet this time tho the food
was generally fresh & ex-cellent.

BBQ Steamboat
( near Econsave )
103,104 Jalan Lumut


Kenny Mah said…
Sharing is caring, rite? ;)
minchow said…
Yeah, by making sure the ones you care joins you in front of the sizzling pot/plate, you won't feel all self conscious when you leave smelling like...ermmm burnt roses! Eau de BBQ Seafood!
worldwindows said…
Good for these rainy days. My favourite even in Vietnam where beefy goodness is available.
Rebecca Saw said…
These goin really cheap too, at sunway mentari area for like Rm19+ for eat all u can!
tigerfish said…
I don't want to boil and grill myself, I want to do it to the vegetables, and fish balls...
Ciki said…
Oo.. i just ate hotpot and lausai! At least BSG's stomach is stronger than mine;)
definitely !

this sort of eat is good if you can eat a lot and enjoy a hot burning workout ( even on your lips ! )

it is generally accetable to most since you select your own items

great deal if you can really eat !~with time to spare

next time we do all for you

are you sure , yours is the international hot and cold megapot from the seas , mountains and oceans wat ?