Best smelly mango

Rare fruit from big mango tree . One of the best tropical mangos found in the Malaysian kampungs - the "quinine".

When ripe, the fragrance is over powering ... to a distance of > than 50 m ! Juicy & can be fibrous

Look for it ( or smell it ) next time you are outside the City !

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Big Boys Oven said…
hey we are back! :)
oh! you reminded me of this mango, we used to have this huge mango tree outside the house, smells really good and juicy but very fibrous! lovely!
NyonyaChef said…
Quinine mango my favorite ! So when are you going to tapau....
Ciki said…
wow, iv been ODing on mango of late.. cannot get enough! excellent for bfast, lunch and after dinner:)
its to know you are back , after a great battle !

sat is on

c & c
mango you like , we feel like we knew
Yes ! Man...go !