hot mamak nasi kandar restaurants

Ever wondered what's the secret of the mamaks ?
Immaculate recipes ? Fantastic service ? Hardwork ? Special spices ?
Good luck ? Gomen support ? Magic ?

Ok, lets give some clues ...

Firstly , it is a Muslim eatery so the customer base includes the majority Malays. 2ndly it offers mutton & beef , 2 meats which are almost non-existent in contemporary Chinese & Indian restaurants.

3rdly even tho they are not seafood restaurants , fish , prawns , crabs and squids are readily available.

4thly it is classless as it caters to everybody meaning you and me & us ... from the office boy to the Bandaraya / MPbsgPA workers to the towkay to the tycoon to the VVIPs to the unfasting and yes ... even to the PM.

who knows ... even the vegetarians

5thly then there is the 24 jam

the colorful food looks good and appetising ... and the spicy tastes ... heavy

interestingly the prices can be very low to the very exorbitant & even sky high
and ... people keep coming back !

you can come in slippers and shorts too ...
even wigs if you like

so is it true bro ?
are those the secrets of your success ?

mamak nasi kandar
in Malaysia
& around the World


Kenny Mah said…
I think they are indispensable to cater to our local tastebuds, but some of these chains are indeed rip-offs with poor service, bad food at ridiculous prices!

We should have a Top Ten Best Mamak Restaurants in Town & also the Top Ten to Avoid, no? :)
your suggestion on Top 10 is interesting but will certainly need a lot of rare gluttony resources ! Who knows we might just do that !
Especially for nasi briyani (colored "fried" rice) generally , from some shops like Kayu the prices are badly inflated so its better to take white rice and also more veges and avoid all those squids and prawns and crabs if you can ! Can you ?
Big Boys Oven said…
I agree with Kenny, we need to have top 10 and bottom 10! some of the mamak serve very sweet teh tarik. There are good ones and also bad ones. As I see mamak eateries are getting less appealing this days and you can see some of them no longer exist, I think they need to improve!
HairyBerry said…
oohh, mamak food! restaurants try to imitate the mee/maggi goreng but there's nothing better than the original along the road. some authentic ones even got roti goreng, my all time favourite with lime.

also, the only place in town where one can order a cup of teh tarik and chat for hours!
J said…
As delicious as they are, sometimes the amount and size of rats and cockroaches (at some mamaks) are kinda scary though....
Ciki said…
totally agree! i love msia for the 24jam! hehe
Kenny Mah said…
I know what you mean about the nasi briyani being nothing more than just coloured rice. Which is why sometimes it's a real pleasure eating at proper Indian restaurants and getting the real stuff, you know? :)
worldwindows said…
Where to get food at 11:45pm? Only in Mamak Malaysia! But watch it I have my fair share of rip-offs!
Some,like Pelita / Kayu / Syed seem to be setting up new swanky outlets in giant corner lots ( those not yet taken up by old town white coffee / papa rich ) and then filled with customers all night long.They must have discovered the golden trail

we think they have very cheap labor and buy things cheap with a secret ingredient to make people come back

now that you mention it , we are aware that Mamak shops have no leftovers ...

c & c
we knew it ! the beautiful & active night bird

the real stuff shudn't be so expensive , as in authentic cakes / sweets as in Little India ( Klang )

the support from Malays and college kids is extraordinary and has become a cult lepaking zone
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