what drives us

At 300 square km Penang Island is just slightly smaller than Langkawi Island , with a population of 800,000 , mostly Chinese of Hokkian origin.

Years ago in the 60's ( P Ramly / Saloma / Beatles / Bee Gees / Elvis era ), when sentimental ferries roamed the Island and Butterworth it was a duty free port ( like Langkawi today ).

So in line with the age of Aquarius and Romantika par excellentis the good people brewed up a perfect storm in the form of hawker squares , which today we call food courts.

& it is worthwhile to note that they pioneered the art of Street / Backlane affici-gourmandi-connoissi-hawkering indulging in Malaysia.

You can never finis eating in Penang , no matter how hard you try.

so lets eat ... here for tonight

this one by the roundabout by the sea by the expensive condos
is one of the most famous hawker centers in Penang

people come by the thousands
to romance , to lepak or to eat

you can get super slim pressed & burnt cuttlefish here
by the grammes he sell
damn smelly the resident rats go wild

the happening stall with the oysters fried with scrambled eggs ...
the infra red protected handsome Chef makes it looks so easy but the Q is long
and the RM 6 , 9 , 12 (MSL) taste quite good

Gurney Drive
Penang Island


J2Kfm said…
i've sworn off Gurney Drive since my uni days.
there are other much, much better food elsewhere, me thinks.
Selba said…
I really want to visit Penang... the best place in Malaysia for food, right?

*read j2kfm* So does it mean, Gurney Drive really is not a nice place to eat?
we love it for the waterfront / esplanade . yeah Pulau Tikus has great food as are many more round the Island. Tekuk Kumbar or the both ends of the world also

Gurney Drive you must not miss , as it is generally the most popular in Penang !
Rebecca Saw said…
Yups, i agree. if u knw which stall to hunt for, its really not that bad
right , every food court / hawker square has your fav noodles , soups or that handsome/pretty one ...