so near yet so far

Not from India , neither China nor Siam.

wt-heck ! its just behind Sarawak but not quite !

... he speaking Engrand 1

and dared to be different

so positive with thumbs up 2

and so we succumbed to his bullish charms

this is the famous shop in Lucky Gardens Bangsar , Kuala Lumpur
many bloggers have raved lyrical about her prawn bursting noodles

his on the left , she on the right

the difference is staggering !

Myanmar Laksa RM4.50

1 of 5

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun
Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Lucky Gardens , Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur


Kenny Mah said…
I guess everyone has their own fav prawn noodles or laksa... To each his own... :)
Michelle said…
aiks.. passed by here a couple of times if not mistaken.. will go n try their as-you-certified "staggering" his and hers.. hahahaha

oh ya. happy raya guys~ =P
tigerfish said…
Never tried Myanmar laksa. Looks like Assam Laksa though.
k.t.x said…
dude, being a huge fan of team bsg, i can safely say that this is not the first post about this place....LOL. ok ok, i agree in totality, their sarawak laksa rocks and i never get to dine in ANY of those funky outlets in bangsar village simply due to the existence of this stall...shikes...hehe. (exagerate abit lah)
sc said…
gosh, that bad? 1 / 5?
msihua said…
Oh gosh.. that doesn't sound nice.. lols..

Seriously if you are into laksa's, go to USJ 2 and have Nyonya Laksa... i heard that the soup has been watered down.. but it's still really good, and I make it a point to go on a near everday basis whenever I'm home ;)
this is a blatant counterfeit version of the real thing , and a helpless attempt to replicate the Noodle!

you too will be stunned !

whoever puts commercial fish cake slices into laksa has committed an unforgivable great sin , aas that dish is famed for its signature green herbs and authentic fish

indeed the sarawak laksa which made the coffee shop media famous is the Myanmar's back/front stall neighbor, which if he is not suitably controlled will bring down the coffee shop to new lows ...LOL !

we actually wanted to give him a 0 ! infact a -1

wow ... looks so fresh and prreettty your new look ! USJ 2's version is very tasty and thick and is more of a curry laksa , and have been rated 7.8 of 10 by us
Anonymous said…
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