showcase d Xtraordinaire of street cuisine

In the holy month of Ramadan , Muslims are prohibited from eating & drinking during the day.

Many Muslim restaurants are closed during this time , or have their opening hours delayed to the evenings.

Amazingly too , during this period , every afternoon starting at around 3pm until 7pm ... stalls with tonnes of colorful food plus heavy smoke suddenly appear in designated sidelanes / backyards set up for this gastronomic carnival el d Xtravaganza ... complete with strange delicacies that you thoz never existed.

The enigma between none in da day and too much in da night lip smacking gastronomic creativity is the 17th Wonder of the modern Culinary World.

Infact many of the best of spectacular Malay Cuisine will be on display ...
some from established restaurants just down the road ...
( & you thoz they are closed ...haha )

the high end flavorful nasi briyani is always crowded with hungry customers
and believe it or not ... food connoisseurs ( aka food bloggers )!

Many Blogs will be praising the delights of this holy month vis a vis last year
complete with groundbreaking glistening salivating food pixs !

many people shake their heads in disbelief and yet many more
never miss a single mouth-watering session


Peggy said…
this looks great! i wish I was near it! Like... now!
Kenny Mah said…
I can hear the sound of my pants expanding from all the Raya open houses I'm gonna be attending... O if the food served looks like this spread! Yums!
minchow said…
I want rendang and lemang! I want them NOW!!!
wmw said…
I miss all the Ramadhan food while I was away! Then you have this least I'm going to feast on these at an open house today! Phew!
Selba said…
So interesting! I want to go there! The food must be great! :)
we are sure you are already ... here

thats the marvellous thing about this month of great abstainence

haha , sure onot you can eat so much ?

surely after all da travels far away , your appetite is at the emergency level

we wait for you , kwikly !
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