SG Curry Fish Head

This is where the Chinaman who dared to curry with nasi kandar turned his heady passion into a fishy empire.

Some of you might have heard of this whats-da-name township on the fringe of Kuala Lumpur near Batu Caves , as the passing through forgettable town before hitting the Karak Highway leading to Fantasy World Genting Highlands.

In busy mid-section Jalan SG 1/8 , the long narrow middle road reserve has been transformed into another messy , long , & narrow (omg) Malaysian food court !

Then like a sore thumb , just before you get overwhelmed by all da rushing cars looking for a parking lot , you are stunned by this jumping fish trying to get into a purple building.

ya indeed !
now you know why inside got so many fish heads !

Chinese Indian fish heads lah

like this sharp & skinny RM38 one
no doubt a miniscule head but its good lah

then also got RM7 petai beans , in smelly sauce
dangerous & stinking risky... be very careful !
so you do not litter the Highway later , or dirty Gentings even more...

we know already , surely got a cracker to make him look real
never mind if its only a plastic banana leaf plate

then near the rich cashier also got the opulent nasi kandar spread with the
fried oranged crabs and prawns , squids and otak-otak etc
also looking promising

SG Curry Fish Head ( HQ )
Jln SG 1 / 8 , Sri Gombak (SG)
near Batu Caves
Kuala Lumpur
verdict :
good head but f(ishy) expensive


Big Boys Oven said…
awesome heads, truly wanting. I love having them all the time, nice place you had spotted! :)
minchow said…
That plastic fake banana leaf plate is one my biggest pet peeves! It's just butt ugly - I'd rather they use the plain orange plastic plates if they can't muster up real banana leaf!
Ciki said…
warr expensive hor, for that small fish head!
foodbin said…
pricey curry fish head plus petai-WW3!
Anonymous said…
must stop over when going to east coast and gravy of the curry is very unique
Anonymous said…
I know they also have a joint venture in Subang Jaya 3K sport complex there.Try it out!