the right wrong one

People say Penang Island has the best everything. Best beaches , best hills , best Shopping Malls , best Gomen , best food

You won't know until you try them all right ? The last time we did , we were told we went to the wrong one ... coz it was raining.

This time we came by foot & crossed the amazing 4-junction overhead bridge under the huge Komtar Tower and went the wrong way ... yet again.

Not surprising ... we are always lost in big towns

Then we saw the green alley.

Many backlanes are like that in old Georgetown.

Ancient & mysterious . With black stains. Surely got nasty tales ... & maybe some dark secrets

We creeped left & saw. goodness gracious ! another Air Itam market deja vu !

Busy backstreet and full of anxious looking people, staring left staring right ! Maybe many are value-4-$$ tourists , looking for that souvenir, or de service center

Some like those aunties you see in Korean soap operas , with oversized hats & thick jackets wrapped around the lower body and some plastic bags hanging loose

You can feel the pulse of real Penang Island ! Just like last time !

so authentic ! so vibrant ! so genuine ! so old !

then ... at long last !
head to head with the green Teo Chew hero
so many starving people ... jostling ... hungering

this must be the right 1 !

the most famous green noodles in all of Penang ... some say da North !
sweet and milky , with coarse red beans

verdict : no good
the last time rainy day wrong one was better

Penang Road cendol ( right one la )
Penang Island


msihua said…
Nice pics tho!! All the green.. makes me green with Envy... lalalala
haha , green is in
so fresh
NyonyaChef said…
Left or right ? Left one...right ? hehe
ever side is correct !
When the right one is with you !