ramli mee rebus ( south east asian cuisine )

We wanted to go to busy Restoran Wah Pan ( Jalan Leong Sin Nam ) across the road but it was perpetually packed with no seats available so we roamed to the other side , where the corner end lot appeared slowmoving and calm, with only some tables occupied.

It looked a little like a mamak kind of place but the name says otherwise. It felt so pleasantly presentable with uniformed waiters and the cashier / drink counter deep at the back, giving the place such a spacious look . wtH ! there was even a gleaming aluminium Western Corner ( chop chop ) near the edge towards the side lane !

The unobtrusive menu board showed a range of Malaysian favourites , including nasi ayam and nasi lemak   ...with the famous boiled Malay ( or issit Singaporean / Indonesian or issit Indian ? ) noodles as the anchor tenant !

at RM3.50 an octagonal petite white / bluish bowl , the bouncy noodles with super duper fresh greens + tofu/potato cuts & fiery red toppings including 2 mini sour limes in orangish sweet spicy gravy was excellent value for money , and tasted incredibly like a good Penang prawn mee, dengan satu telor rebus lagi

At last ... a place where the usually bsg rated mediocre noodles became exemplary and is highly recommended for ultra-light eaters ( like team bsg ).

Mee Rebus Ramli ( 2 more branches in Ipoh)
Off  Love Signature ( Jubilli Park ?)
Jalan Yang Kalsom
tel 05-2437203


Kenny Mah said…
Finally, the okay becomes good and then rises to GREAT! :)
Unknown said…
yup, they do whip up some mean mee rebus. good gravy, passable noodles.
Ciki said…
...and is highly recommended for ultra-light eaters ( like team bsg )??! ROFL.. sure or not? i thot u guys can eat like a horse, cow and pig.. all in one sitting;)
this is normally a last choice dish due to its tomato sauce looks

this place has a very good mee rebus

cumi ciki
aiya that one only when got pretty people wan with us ...then different