Puchong still got

carved from jungles & trees this used-to-be-gangster hideout off the LDP Highway to Putrajaya and beyond is a busy township with its own Tesco , Giant and 101 Malls.

a Vietnam/China haven in its heydays ... it blinked off the charts for a while as the bsgs dropped out of sight

... its nice 2 b back , as they say

here we are ... at our almost best
nostalgic , brave memories
we can outdrink her too

beef in sticks
well done & burnt black

legs & claws
we can still eat anything



Big Boys Oven said…
hahaha i want those satay, looks awesome, oh where is pint? ;)
worldwindows said…
Puchong has come a long way since I moved there in 1992. There was no food beyond Kinrara Camp until Puchong N/V at 14th mile! I was part of the excitement till I exit 1 year ago!
Kenny Mah said…
Er, that girl in the hoodie actually looks kinda scary... :P
this place is damn hard to find , even more harder to come out . The pint was lost LOL !

we see lots of food round the roads at night too . We will be back !

aren't they all ,esp holding a big fierce bottle !
haha !

now... if only got fish satay !
how come dun have 1 ?