over the misty bridge to the new lane

We din know it then , as we referred to it as the near Macalister Road beside Sunway Hotel place . It was usually our first stop when we crossed the Bridge. These stalls only come out in full force in the evening tho. The usual crowded place with the hawkers busy cutting , slicing , & mixing their precious cargoes. There is always the heightened excitement of seeing so much food in such a small area !

But it was great fun , gawking at the delicious , then walking away to the next stall. Sometimes we buy this sometimes that , just to taste them each as there are so many of them. We particularly remembered a few stalls , one of which was the chicken backside , called affectionately bishop's nose. Maybe its rounded , pink and soft , as a nose ( err we mean backside ) should be.

Today we tried this stall with the meats.
not particularly outstanding with plenty of fats

then the small bite of the bbq wings , enjoying the view of the 100
become 60-storey Komtar Tower.

these 2 ladies were rolling their popiah
we are certainly not used to the extra wet and the extra lembeb which we had 2

but this small lady was good.
Her classic 5 min Char Kuey Teow (CKT) with the
fantasia prawns / Chinese sausages was top notched

after this excellente fried-over , we dun need no more
the 45 min celebrity CKT 2 sisters down
Macalister Road with the crab meats ... ever

new lane hawkers
off Macalister Road
Penang Island


Selba said…
Looking the prices, really good deals :)
Rebecca Saw said…
my fav haunt too!
The BBQ drumstick so nice! and the lor bak..and the pancakes..and the intestine etc chook..and the tong shui stall at the corner...and the...help i cant stop! ;p
still cheap this place !peneng you must not miss when you are in M'sia

we notice prices are slowly faster going up , but still lower than KL.
This place is very strategic being near to a few more good eats surrounding it !