the oldy hill resort

Taiping is a very pleasant town.

It boasts of one of the finest parks in the country as well as an active night zoo , a boon for nocturnal animal watchers and the serial insomniacs.

Then near the award winning Lake Gardens & the Zoo there is this narrow winding road going up. A kind of unbelievable sadistic uphill trek for the strong at heart , all 13 km of it. Strangely, most of these struggling umbrella clad trekkers look old and tired , maybe they are going downhill ...

To reach the undulating playground / cafe somewhere near the peak ( 1035m ), it is best you take a bold & rugged return trip by the trusty Land Rover (LR) since it is only RM6 a person.

but you gotta hang on really tight as the powerful LR roars to life !

the sudden hairpin turns are scary ... but fun !

Feel the rushing wind !

and ... remember to hold her closer !

once on top, have a snack ... n watch the beautiful Perak coast line
take a peek
there's no casino neither a theme park here
nor any vegetable/strawberry farms
just some flowers here & there
your camera will surely love this botanical haven
just like you wish you could paraglide down to have your CKT !

yes ... it is that beautiful , n serene

Bukit Larut
( Malaysia's oldest Hill Resort )
Taiping , Perak


minchow said…
The condition of this place is heartbreaking... it used to be the family getaway of yesteryears, and I remember the lights off at midnight with such clarity - wonder if electricity gets cut off then? Also, I hope you checked those Land Rovers' tyres before you call them trusty! There was some brouhaha the last time we went up because the tyres were nearly bald, against them treacherous roads!
Kenny Mah said…
I hear that the night zoo here is even better than the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. Is that true?
Those bald tyres you mention is no longer bald ( so far we see for the one we went up in) and the LRs look and sound new enough !
As for lights out we really have no idea coz we are only up at daylight for a couple of hours each time ...
The place though is at a standstill and not in the best of health as far as we can see tho the road up is in good shape with no trace of landslides at all !

We have unfortunately been to neither Spore nor Taiping night safaris so dun know which is better. We know tho that the spore zoo is much more vibrant and superbly maintained with some rare creatures